Why Choose Markham Glass & Mirror?

We started Markham Glass & Mirror based on that passion and care we couldn’t find at other glass shops. We provide custom glass products and services because of our passion for the trade and care for satisfied clients. We believe in our product, and especially believe in the methods and safety of our installations. That’s why for the lifetime of the glass we will always be one call away unlike other shops. Any questions about services/maintenance/concerns/warranty will always be taken care of when dealing with us. Choose the company that cares about your glass as much as you and will never leave you hanging. Choose Markham Glass & Mirror today.

Do you do installations outside of the GTA?

Yes, depending on the job we have no issues travelling outside the GTA.

How soon can you come measure?

You can expect us to measure your project within 1-3 business days once all surface work is completed.

How long until the glass or mirror is installed?

Usually, your glass will be installed within 2 weeks from the day of the measurement.

What thickness glass do you use?

Depending on the product, we typically use 10mm glass for our shower designs, however, we have access to 6-12mm glass if requested.

What type of glass and finishes do you offer?

Laminated Glass – A safety glass that holds together even when shattered.

Back Painted Glass – A decorative glass where the customer picks their own colour palette.

Starphire Glass – A low iron glass that creates a higher clarity shine than regular glass.

Acid Etch Glass – A glass treated with acid to give the surface a frosted look. Smoother and easier to clean than sandblasted glass.

Sandblasted Glass – A sandblasting technique to provide a frosted glass finish.

Smoked glass – A tinted glass that is primarily used to reduce light transfer or for decorative purposes.

Do you use tempered glass?

All our shower enclosures require tempered glass to meet the CSA code. Every piece of glass we cut will be tempered to increase its strength and safety in the home.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept any credit card, cheque, or cash. Upon measurement, we kindly request a deposit based upon the specific job and final payment upon install.

Why should I use Markham Glass & Mirror?

The glass industry is more of a passion than a job to us. We take pride in every aspect of the job from start to finish. From precise measurements to high quality installations, we believe we are the right choice for your home, or for your clients. With over 15 years experience in high end residential work, we assure our clients will be satisfied.