Markham Glass & Mirror - Mirrored Glass wall
Big mirror on wall in new modern room


With modern day technology, any design or colours can be brought to life through custom mirror and decorative glass.

Like frameless glass, mirror and decorative glass need to be installed precisely to ensure a quality final product and a happy client.

Due to mirror and glass being so reflective, any minor imperfection, flaws in spacing, or an uneven install can stand out in a negative manner.

Since mirror shouldn’t be tempered (distorts the image), it has to be respected and installed correctly/safely the first time.

It is the utmost importance to select a proven and trusted company for your mirror and decorative glass.

  • Mirror Walls
  • Mirror Backsplashes
  • Bronze or Antique Mirror
  • Grey Glass
  • Starphire Glass
  • Acid Etch Glass
  • Sandblasted Glass
  • Back Painted Glass

Mirror Walls

A great way to make any room feel larger, we offer custom mirror walls to fit your space and project.

Mirror walls are great for front hallways, exercise rooms/gyms, or any feature wall in your home that you want to modernize and expand the space.

Vanity Mirrors

Decorative vanity mirrors are the perfect way to accent the space in your bathroom.

From custom designs and sizes to simple and stylish trends, any desirable look is achievable for your vanity.

We offer a variety of unique styles and finishes including antique, segmented mirror, beveled, framed, or frameless mirrors.

Custom Mirror in a bathroom next to a Shower Enclosure by Markham Glass & Mirror

Decorative Glass

Back painted, clear, starphire ultra clear, acid etch, sandblasted, tinted grey glass & more.

Custom Kitchen Backsplashes

Often overlooked, glass can provide an appealing and clean alternative to grout lines and tile work.

Glass backsplashes are a low maintenance alternative that can create a modern and vibrant shine to your kitchen.

With various options, our backsplashes can be installed in mirror or any of our custom paint chips of your choosing for back painted glass.

Modern domestic Kitchen interior design

Tempered Glass Backsplashes

Typically, with kitchen backsplashes we like to temper our glass around heating elements such as your stove top.

This is a crucial step that can be easily missed by other companies, as heat can cause un-tempered glass to break.

Markham Glass & Mirror is confident in our experience and expertise to help you create your custom backsplash today.