Glass Styles and Custom Finishes enable home owners and designers the options they need to personalize architectural features.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is the typical product for many of our services.

We supply 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm thickness.

Depending on your project, we offer tempered clear glass for extra strength and safety.

Mirrored Glass

Mirrored glass is a very popular product due to its unique reflective look.

We supply 4mm, 5mm and 6mm thicknesses custom cut to any of your desired sizes.

Markham Glass & Mirror - Mirrored Glass wall
Big mirror on wall in new modern room

Acid Etch Glass

Acid etch is process where clear glass is transformed into privacy glass.

Opaque in nature, this glass ensures seclusion in any desired space.

Acid etch can be used in shower glass, backsplashes and more.

Available in many different thicknesses.

Starphire® Ultra Glass

Tired of the slight green hue from regular clear glass?

This is your solution.

Starphire® is a type of low-iron glass that is crystal clear and gives off no green tint.

A great option for showers, or any style of interior glass.

Starphire® Acid Etch

Now that you know what Starphire® is, we have the same ability to do an acid etch process on ultra-clear glass.

This look gives you an absolute stunning final product if you are looking for that perfect privacy finish.

Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass is simply the application of paint on the back of glass.

Back painted colours really look great on glass due to its reflective and shiny nature.

Choose from any of our paint chips or bring us a colour to match as best as possible for any desired custom colour.

Backpainted Glass Feature Wall by Markham Glass & Mirror

Tinted Glass

Also referred to as grey glass, tinted glass is made through adding colour pigments to the raw materials required for regular glass.

Tinted glass is great for homeowners and clients looking for a darker style “smoked” glass look to add to their space.

Decorative features such as showers, railings & others can be done with tinted glass.

Custom Designs

For specialty and custom designs, we offer the ability to etch and create custom writing and designs into any of your required glass work.

Company names and logos are great examples of custom designs that you can include in your glass project.